Holiday voucher for Slovak guests

Use recreation voucher from your employer

A new law on the support of tourism in the form of a recreational voucher for a holiday in Slovakia has been in force in Slovakia since 1 January 2019. And with us you can of course use this holiday voucher. Under this law, an employer with 49+ employees is obliged to provide you with such a financial contribution for recreation. The financial contribution for the calendar year is max. € 275 and it should make up 55% of the total price of your holiday (in our case from the total price of accommodation). If you are part of a company with less than 49 employees, in this case the provision of a financial contribution for recreation is a voluntary decision of your employer.

Recreational vouchers in Hotel Kukucka: invoice

We issue invoices for all our guests of private apartments in Hotel Kukucka. Based on the invoice you receive from us for accommodation, you can apply to the employer for this financial contribution for recreation (up to a maximum of € 275 per year). Please note, that these recreational vouchers tackle only guests from Slovakia.

What details do we need from you?

If you wish to use a holiday voucher for your stay, we will ask you to provide in time the exact information you need on the invoice. In general, the invoice should contain:

  • your whole name (some guests ask us to add also names of their co-travellers)

  • address

  • date of stay (min. it is 2 nights)

  • place of stay (Apartments Kukucka)

  • total price of accommodation

However, we recommend that you ask your employer (or responsible person) in advance what they need to have on our invoice. It happens that some companies require more, some less.

Send your request for information on the invoice to also with the number / date of your reservation, so that we can easily identify you :-)

Recreational vouchers in Hotel Kukucka: voucher

We will tell you honestly - we prefer to issue an invoice for the use of holiday vouchers. But if you only have specific holiday vouchers in your work, and your company does not accept invoices, we can solve this requirement as well.

Through our partner, who provides us with these holiday vouchers, we can accept vouchers from the following companies:

  • GUSTO Karta

  • Benefit Plus

  • Edenred Dovolenka

  • REKRE karta DOXX

  • Up Rekrea 

If you apply for these vouchers, you must contact us before making a reservation at and we will give you instructions on how to book your stay and use such a voucher.