Use your FKSP for a stay or vacation

Do you like Slovak mountains? And specifically the High Tatras? With us, you can also use money from the FKSP contribution from your Czech employer for accommodation in Slovakia.

What is FKSP?

It is a fund of cultural and social needs. This is a fund where money is deposited for use by its employees for leisure activities. It is created by state and subsidized organizations, sometimes even by individual companies and trading companies. Do you receive financial contributions from the FKSP from your Czech employer? Thanks to these funds, you can get money for a vacation at Hotel Kukucka in the High Tatras, Slovakia.

How does the FKSP work in Hotel Kukucka?

It's easy. All you have to do is make a reservation directly with us (via our website, e-mail or phone) and when booking, state that you want to claim the FKSP funds for accommodation. Subsequently our partner (Czech travel agency) will contact you regarding the reservation in order to finalize payment for the reservation.

FKSP is drawn in such a way that the service provider (in our case Apartments Kukučka) issues an invoice (through its partner - a Czech travel agency) and it is sent to your Czech employer. The information required by the employer must be included on the invoice. Subsequently, the invoice is reimbursed by the employer and you can look forward to the trip to us.

It is necessary to check with the Czech employer what conditions he has for applying contributions. Sometimes he may have specific requirements for the texts and information listed in the invoice for his records. You can also find out the amount of funds available to you from your employer.

It is not necessary to pay the entire price of the reservation from FKSP funds. It is enough to indicate how much funds you need to use at the Czech employer and how much you will pay from your own.