We open a wellness in Hotel Kukucka

We open a wellness in Hotel Kukucka

Private wellness centers in the Hotel Kukucka and in Residential Buildings can already be opened thanks to a regional covid automat. Entry with a negative test.

Thanks to the improving pandemic situation, the regional covid automat allows us to open wellness. Of course, still with some rules.

Wellness, even before the pandemic, worked on private reservations in our hotel. We have four private wellness centers available - one in each hotel building "A", "B", "C" and "D". The wellness centers are reserved privately for one group only and you can book 2 hours each day.

Currently, entry to the wellness is allowed for people who can prove:

- a negative AG test not older than 24 hours.
- or by a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours.


Vaccinated people have an exception, they do not have to prove negative test

The nearest AG sampling test points are: in Svit, in Kezmarok or in Poprad. You can book appointment online through korona.gov.form

Of course, our guests from private apartments in Hotel Kukucka can also book wellness in the hotel. The entrance fee is 8 € per person for 2 hours.

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